Save $40 and get two books for free
From December 17th to December 31st, we have a special offer for you: "$40 for your gift". What does it mean? If you buy our intensive courses "Speak Like an American" and "Understand Tenses Once and For All" together, you'll save $40 and also get two books for free: "English Like a Boss" and "Tenses" by Venya Pak
I have bought two intensive courses, how do I get books for free?
Send an email to and we will send the books to you. Please note that the offer is valid only for new purchases, so you need to buy both courses now.

I want to present an intensive course to a friend of mine, what should I do?
Send your friends email address to and we will change the access to another email.

I want a discount for just one course!
Just do it:) You can book one intensive with $20 off right now. Just push the button above!
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