Hi! I'm glad that you have joined us. And I have a special present for you: $30 off my intensive course on English pronunciation.
But you know what?
The discount is valid for one hour only and the clock is ticking now!
Whoever learns English, often feels ashamed while speaking foreign English and it stops them from practising. The same thing happened to me many years ago. But practising does matter and I can help you not to lose your chance!

While the marathon has not started yet and you have some spare time, I am offering you $30 off my most popular intensive course "Speak English like an American". You have just enough time to master your pronunciation and get it done with a nice discount.
Venya Pak talks about intensive courses in English. Check out his cool accent!
What will you get from this course?
Start sounding like a native American English speaker and stop being afraid of speaking with foreigners.
Understand your mistakes
Analyze your pronunciation mistakes and understand how to fix them.
Fluent communication
Overcome the language barrier and learn to speak English fluently.
Spoken vocabulary
Explore American slang and learn some phrasal verbs.
Get your pronunciation sorted
For one hour only!